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A Globally run Coach Certification Training offering a unique perspective to enable sustainable change, creating greater awareness, clarity and choice in people everywhere, facilitated by Master Certified Coach - Ben Koh - thought leader in the field of transformative coaching with international standing.

Approved by the International Coach Federation, the world-renowned organization that sets professional coaching industry standards, this transformative coaching training program offers one of a kind exciting and powerful approach. A fresh leading edge approach to enable authentic change.

Why Choose Transformative Coaching?
Transformative Coaching is developed by the Coach Masters Academy – Ben Koh – Master Certified Coach (MCC).Coach Masters Academy is operating across the globe in Europe, Pacific Oceania, Middle East, Asia and Africa.Coach Masters Academy has a faculty team of more than 14 experienced coach trainers and supervisors dedicated to delivering the highest standard of coach training.

Transformative Coaching is a proven empirical approach inspiring authentic change through awareness and growth.

The power of transformative coaching is felt at work and in LIFE. The integration of the science of positive psychology and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) allows individuals to reconnect with others as well as one’s own essence and start taking conscious choices and decisions.

Transformative coaching process uses our proprietary framework known as Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation (TM). It fully integrates the science of EQ and Positive Psychology creating a robust platform that results in sustainable change.

An evocative coaching approach that leverages the advanced adult reflective learning theories, this process expands people’s capacity for awareness enabling greater clarity about what motivates them to either engage or hold back.

This process is a deep and focused conversation that shifts people’s attention from contextual awareness to personal awareness uncovering how they construct their own meaning, understanding what really matters most, and using this emerging understanding to create a clear path forward.

With an improvement in their consequential thinking, people move from a reactive state of mind to a more receptive state of mind allowing them to truly align their intention with their action, and hold themselves accountable to what they want to achieve.

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Our speakers

Ihab Badawi - MCC

Ihab Badawi - MCC

Business Development Director | Director of Training

Ihab is a Master Certified Coach (MCC | CPCC) who has supported a lot of individuals, C-suite executives and young adults find their true inner energy and calling in life, to shine and achieve the fulfillment & balance they aspire.  Ihab was able to inspire his clients through the power of coaching.

An accomplished leader, Ihab is specializes in leadership and personal development coaching. With his strong expertise and knowledge in working with individuals and teams, he brought new practices guiding people to uncover their internal wisdom and determination. Ihab believes that with awareness, connection and the right level of determination any individual is able to achieve his objectives.

Ben Koh - MCC

Ben Koh - MCC

Program Founder / Master Trainer

Ben is distinguished by being one of only 700 recipients worldwide of the Master Certified Coach credential - the highest coaching accreditation in the professional coaching awarded by the International Coach Federation. As an experienced Master Coach with more than 15 years of cross-cultural leadership experiences, he is able to draw from his understanding of coaching trends and interpret coaching competencies with a unique Asian perspective for coaching.

Powerful coaching

Most trained coaches know how to be supportive, encouraging and nonjudgmental. These approaches are useful but often not enough to create a new awareness. Coaching starts by building trust and rapport, but as the conversation goes deeper you might need to generate a bit of discomfort to create a breakthrough in thinking.

Our brains construct rules to make sense of the world around us without much thought. When asked a question, our brains immediately formulate an answer even if it does not make complete sense. Driven by the passion to serve the client, coaches learn how to challenge the client for their own benefit, and disrupt the usual way of thinking through powerful questions enabling the client to pause and reflect about what is really there, what is really important.

Transformative coaching equips coaches with techniques built on Emotional Intelligence and positive psychology that are geared towards the client’s benefit and bring the client closer to a new awareness and willfully commit to behaving in a different way.

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Developing mastery in coaching requires a set of robust skills, attitudes and competencies in order to become a true professional. This is achieved through our comprehensive training program that moves coaches beyond classroom learning into a participative coach-learning context.

Designed to provide a quality layered learning process, our students go through a formative process where the core competencies of transformative coaching – presence, active listening and powerful asking are forged and refined.

75 hrs approved ICF training

Pre-course Requirements:
Access to the Learning Portal containing a library of coaching literature and video presentation on coaching, positive psychology and         emotional intelligence. Receive one online coaching by our graduates.

4 days In-person Training:
Interactive and experiential learning to enabling you to acquire the knowledge and skill to engage in a deep and focused transformative coaching conversation.

35 Supervised Practical Coaching Hours:
Our program is designed to provide quality layered learning that guides students through the core competencies of transformative coaching are forged. With 35 hours of supervision these skills are systematically and progressively mastered.

Post Training Support:
Continuing Professional Development to further strengthen your knowledge and skill. Connect with coaches across the globe to enrich your learning and expand your network.

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  • Why should i attend this event?

    This program equips people passionate about coaching with the pillars of the unique technique of transformational coaching and builds their coaching capability to become Internationally certified coaches.

  • What is Transformative Coaching?

    It is a unique coaching approach geared to transform people’s lives based on Emotional Intelligence and Positive psychology. At its heart there is the proprietary frame work of coach masters academy , Awareness – Clarity – Choice, which enables clients to see their matters from a fresh perspective and have better clarity about what really matters in order to step up for a sustained commitment.

  • How long is the program duration?

    The program is comprised of two sections: 1) 4 days face to face training 2) followed by 10 weeks supervised practical coaching.


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    Beirut: Downtown, Allenby Street, LV Blg,2nd Floor
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  • Early Bird Registration (Prior 1 Month) USD 3,500
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