Consultancy is often the immediate answer for companies who don’t have the time to look into their business problems.

At IBG, we provide collaborative corporate consultancy. We act as trusted advisors to leaders in strategic planning, as partners to the executive board, and as main support to the HR team in organizational culture transformation while being close mentors to subordinates during the performance improvement process.

Through world-class executive leadership programs, we enable managers to develop a unique leadership and managerial style that allows:

  • Talent retention across the organization
  • Foster teamwork and development.
  • Develop new insights (internally and externally).

IBG developed a strategic alliance with Linkage Middle East, with its regional office in Kuwait, to integrate the worlds best strategic consulting on leadership development, through programs & tools that inspire people, generate ideas, and provide practical approaches that make positive change a real part of day-to-day business.

For over 25 years, the company was able to meet its objectives in the development and refinement of leadership, talent and leadership system development at the global level. Linkage specializes in leadership development, talent management topics, learning institutes, skill-building workshops, tailored assessment services, and executive coaching.

Linkage is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts with operations in Atlanta, Boston, New York, San Francisco, St. Louis and outside the U.S. in Athens, Bangalore, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Hamilton, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait City, Mexico City, Rome, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Vilnius.

Linkage’s mission is to work with leaders and leadership teams worldwide to build organizations that produce superior results, by strategically aligning leadership, talent, and culture.



Strong leadership is an incredible competitive advantage, and good leaders can greatly influence the overall organizational culture, how the team performs, and how motivated they are to do their job. Strong performance is therefore linked to effective senior team leadership.

We believe that to achieve organizational greatness, it is important to have the leadership team aligned around well-defined goals, a clear strategy, and operating on healthy corporate relationships.



Transforming or reinventing your business is about shifting the entire core of the organization, including its strategies, culture, the way things are done, the practices and policies. To be able to do this, top executives and leaders must take great risk, go hands-on, and follow through the entire way, making sure all stakeholders are at sync and support the idea. At IBG, we have mastered the art of business transformation and Culture Re-engineering. We enable companies to undergo successful transformation by Formulating a compelling vision (the Why), Developing the Strategic Intent towards the vision, Defining leadership competencies critical for your organization, Eliminating Silos and Instilling programs that support employee engagement & contribution



Strategic Communication is about ensuring consistency between the impact of your message on the recipient and what you intend to say.

We work on ensuring that the conversations that go on organizational levels are said in the right environment, related to the intended context, and delivered in the most meaningful and accurate way. We equip the organization with tools to ensure strategic objectives are cascaded to all levels without ambiguity while empowering those involved. We support in opening two way channels on professional grounds to ensure added value streams and solid engagement.



Employee engagement describes the team’s commitment to the job at hand, and how aligned and respectful they are to the overall organizational goals. It’s about the self-belonging to the company, and how motivated they can be every day to actually come to work and make a difference. It’s about having a clear idea of where he/she is and what he/she is doing for the company.

At IBG we put a lot of focus on employee engagement. Having employees who are proud to be working for your business, are loyal, and not afraid to speak up their ideas will go the extra mile for the company. We walk your departments heads through a process that maintains a healthy employee engagement geared towards effectiveness in a positive environment. We do this through our structured approach supported by our leadership coaching.



Effective internal branding can have a great impact on the overall operations of the organization.

Effective internal branding will enhance brand equity, customer focus, and shareholder value. But it is important to pay attention to how the communication is done in the process: how well the message is understood, and whether or not there is a change in behavior.

At IBG, we go through a rigorous process where we create internal strategies that transform people within the company, and give the organization an overall customer centric edge. We work in partnerships with top management to make sure the internal changes of strategy match the overall external strategies of the organization.