To facilitate your inquiries, we have listed some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive.

Please refer to the section that is similar to your inquiry. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us directly and we will make sure to provide you with the information needed.

Q: What type of services do you provide?
IBG focuses its resources in Corporate Consulting, Executive Coaching, Talent Development and Assessments to help companies develop sound strategy, improve people performance, enhance management techniques and sharpen execution control to achieve tangible outcomes.

All Consulting, Coaching and Training & Development services that IBG offerrotate around Organizational Leadership.

IBG helps companies to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and results through achieving Organizational Leadership.

We assist our clients to create continuous performance development cycles through effective people management and synchronized operational systems aligned towards common objectives derived from your corporate strategy.

Q: How does your company differ from other consulting firms?
We place a high value on collaboration and work together to provide every colleague with full and ready access to the best of our firm. We enjoy working together to formulate and implement rigorous systems that deliver tangible results. We pride ourselves on being authentic, providing candid, honest, and creative approaches that work. And we are forward thinking, practically applying industry foresight to produce immediate results and lasting, transformational advantage for our clients.

What makes you different?
In contrast to the traditional consulting model, we work closely with you to build and develop your internal experts. We simply help our clients evolve their own capabilities.

Q: Do you work with other consultants?
We have no reservation in working with other consultants. We actually respect the input of other consultants who work on the same project and prove their added value. However, we do not outsource to other consultants as we focus to maintain the quality of our deliverables as per our internal standards.

Q: What industries do you specialize in?
We take pride in our ability to learn the fundamentals of any industry. However, most of the projects we have worked were in the FMCG sales & distribution & manufacturing, Cosmetics, beauty and wellness sales and manufacturing, Retail sales, food service, insurance, freight forwarding and logistics, Food manufacturing, media, advertising.

Q: Can you guarantee results?
We take pride in our ability to deliver tangible outcomes. The Return on Expectations can be quite high due to the detailed approach take to study and understand the requirements and the effort that we put in the program design and delivery with complete alignment with management on each step.
Our key factor to ensure results is our post process support and audit.

Q: Why should we hire consultants?
You should not worry if you should hire consultants. You should worry about selecting the right consultant.

Consultants exist for a reason. They are subject matter experts who are there to support you but simply are not on your payroll. The fact that those experts work with other clients across other industries amplifies their exposure and learning curve so that you can gain from that easily.

When engaged in the business for long some need to have a fresh eye to see things in a different perspective. Others lack a certain expertise and require consultants to cover and develop that area. For the remaining part, they do not have the time to allocate in a specific area and thus require consultants to developed the systems and train and develop the internal resources.

Coaching, training and developing the internal resources are integral for the development of business. What carries the business now will not be enough to carry it in the future.

Q: What makes IBG one of the best in the Organizational Leadership field?
The demand for our services is the proof of our success. We provide best class consultancy, training and development services based on long actual field experience rather than theoretical.

We possess the international institutional and industry expertise to address your diverse corporate needs, along with the proven experience serving corporate clients, large and small.

Q: Don’t companies have in-house training programs for people arranged by HR? What’s the value of outsourcing this function to IBG?
Not all companies have in-house training for all its functions. Not all companies have all their programs aligned equally in excellence. Not all companies have the qualified people to deliver those programs all the time. And most importantly, successful companies invest in outsourcing professional talents to add more value to its running development programs.

At IBG, we make sure to ad value as we are experts in what we do and we make sure to add value above all.

Q: why do business firms require the work of IBG?
Growth is the main aim of any firm. To sustain that growth is the main challenge. IBG carries the required experience in most business verticals and focuses on business development venues to expand and grow the business of any firm. Most importantly, to sustain that growth, IBG ensures that all business verticals are aligned and synchronized together as Gears do.

Around 17 years of experience in various business verticals and industries with a proven success track record vouch for the value that IBG can deliver through its Team of professional experts.

Q: How long has IBG been around? Who are your primary clients?
The work of IBG has been put into practice since 2008 under a different brand name. It has been re-branded in 2014 as the network across the MEA region was acted upon.

IBG’s client base is formed of many successful firms within the MEA region in the Sales, Distribution, Marketing, Services and Manufacturing industries covering many categories from Food, sweets, furniture, freight, insurance cosmetics and printing sectors.

Q: Can IBG deliver the training in-house to clients:
All training and development programs can be delivered in your company. If you would like to make a specific request for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: How long will it take to organize a course for my company?
On site training can be organized and delivered with in 30 working days from the moment an agreement is reached excluding special customization required.

Q: How do I register my employees for the workshops?
Please fill an online request through our contact- our sales executives and us will do he rest for you.

Q: How can I cancel or reschedule my registration?
In order to reschedule your course, or cancel your course and receive a full refund, changes to your order must be received in writing and sent to [email protected] prior at least 10 days prior to the workshop date.

IBG reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a course due to low enrollment or if necessitated by other circumstances. IBG will notify you via email at least 10 business days prior to the course start date. Once notified you may reschedule or receive a full credit. IBG shall not be liable for non-refundable travel arrangements if a workshop is rescheduled/cancelled.